Customized Facial Implants | Chico CA

There are many options available for facial changes. Facial Implants offer a permanent change to the appearance of the face. Facial Implants work well in several areas of the face and are very popular for chin or cheek enhancement. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes less than an hour to perform. There is some swelling after surgery, which resolves quickly after surgery. There is a big advantage with facial implants if the patient does not like them they can easily be removed.

The implants used are typically made from silicone rubber which has been used in the human body for many years. The implants feel like patients normal tissue and after placement and sometimes are secured by small screws to prevent movement. The implants are placed through tiny incisions in the mouth or hidden in the crease underneath the chin. For chin enhancement there is also an option of moving the patient’s own bony chin forward, (Genioplasty) which may be preferable in cases of a significant chin enhancement.

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